Colleen LaRoche Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner

I am a certified "Angelic Reiki Master Teacher" and have been practicing over the past several years. 

I have trained in Angelic Reiki, Shamballa, Merkabah and completed the "Master Teacher" certification in the UK with one of the founders (Christine Core).

Prior to,  I had been in a Corporate environment for 30 years leading sales teams with great success.

Although I had been active in understanding and experiencing alternative healing modalities, none spoke and touched my heart so intensely and with such clarity and with ease and grace.

Once I completed my training, experiencing and working with the system of healing we call "Angelic Reiki" the question of future focus became absolutely clear. I had a deep knowing that practicing Angelic Reiki and teaching it to others was simply "How it was meant to be."

“I am honoured and feel privileged to be directly providing the area of Barrie/Simcoe with a new healing modality (based on esoteric teachings) which is unlike any other healing modality.  I forsee Angelic Reiki healing many and leading them to experience their pure essence.” 

My message to you...thank you for listening in and following your intuition - because you are viewing  this site and you are opening a space for evolution, awareness and truth for yourself and all!

"It is an absolute privilege to be working hand in hand with each of you, teaching and practicing this pure,  powerful and beautiful system of healing we call "Angelic Reiki".

Many thanks to Christine and Kevin Core for embracing, listening and bringing this system to us through the guidance of the divine.