Appointment And Pricing


Your Appointment

Your session begins with a connection point between the practitioner and client, followed by the healing.  As the client, the only thing you need to do during the healing simply relax.

What should you wear, and how do you prepare for your session?

Please wear comfortable clothing and avoid wearing perfumes, essential oils or fragrances. 

You have made the appointment and by doing so, you have set your intentions on receiving the perfect healing

Pricing & Payment

Here at Angelic Reiki North, we believe that this powerful and loving system of healing should be available to all. For that reason, the prices are outlined below: 

Session: $65.00 per  (min)

Distance Healing: $65.00 per  (min)

Please Note* In The Event A Session Goes Over The Hour, Added Cost Will Apply

Note* Cancellation fees may apply without 48 hour notice.

Payment Options:

  • Cash  (Please note) * New Clients Are Required To Pay In Advance Of Min 24 hrs Prior To Appt) 
  • e-transfer to
  • PayPal  (Link Below)

If you are paying by e-transfer or PayPal, please send prior to appointment. 

13 Doran Rd Midhurst, Ontario (705) 730-2440


Purchase Reiki Sessions

C$ 65.00
Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card